Brands at ChemiCos spring 2021 exhibition

Brands to be showcased by the participants of ChemiCos spring 2021 exhibition from March 23 to 25 at Crocus Expo:

Brands to be showcased by the participants of ChemiCos spring 2021 exhibition from March 23 to 25 at Crocus Expo:


ABCLean, ACSens, Air Pure, ANT, AQA baby, AQA Dermika, AROMA DROP, Augustus oils, AWARE MOMMY, Azelit, Baby Balance, Belizna, Big D, BOBINI, Cagolux, Chistin Professional Большая Стирка, CMG Family washing powder, CMG magic color, DezModule, Diving Club, Ecotex, Edem Garden, Effect, Estellar, Family Friend, FEMEGYL®, Finncolor, First Fresh, Five Plus, Fliptopia baby, Gecko, GraSS, Green collection by Provence, Green Love, Greenfield, GrünWelt, HaveMaster, Home Work, HÖR, Insecta, iPack, iSEPT, Ivomed®, Krotex, Lady Fly, Lapikka®, Magic Day, Mamika, Milana, Olivia, Orange Boom, Professional Choice, R.O.C.S.®, Rilana, Rossinka, Sanfor, Sanita, Sanitol, Selena, SIDHIM, Skymax, Solemate, SPELL VET, SPELL, Sport Star, Teon, Tikkurila, TM Matrёshka, Trekko, UBrand, Wellroom, WM, АГАТ, Аргакол®, Барьер, БЕТАНОРТМ, Бирюса, Бонсолар, Бонэкстра М, Весенняя Нежность, Герпенокс®, Главная бумага, Диасептик, Дихлофос №1, Женилен, Жили-Мыли, Зебра, Изумрудная оса, Индусвар, Клещевит Супер, Клопоед, Кукарача ЭКО, Кукарача, ЛАБСАНОРТМ, Лелеюшка, Муравьед Супер, Мухоед Супер, Неолайт, Неопласт, НОРАМИДТМ, НОРОКСИДТМ, НОРПЭГТМ, О-ля-ля, Оптимакс, Осоед, Пеликаша, Первая Потребительская, Перышки, Пикник Колор, ПОЛИНОРтм, Пятнашка baby, Пятнашка Family, Репеллент №1, Рио, СИНТАНОРТМ, СУЛЬФАНОРТМ, Тайга, ТЕКС, Универсал, Хозяйское, Чистин.


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March 23-25, 2021, Moscow, Crocus Expo IEC, pavilion 2, halls 9, 10 and 11

Participation in the event is free after an online registration.


We are looking forward to seeing you at СhemiCos 2021 – the leading international exhibition for manufacturers and distributors of cosmetics, perfumery, personal care products, disinfectants, household and professional chemistry!


International Scientific Expert Forum


March 24-26, 2020

Venue: Crocus Expo IEC, pavilion 2

20 Ovchinnikovskaya Embankment, building 1, Moscow, Russia, Tel.: +7 (495) 363-50-32/33